Rabu, 26 September 2012

Great Thanksgiving Dessert Recipe Websites

Is your mouth beginning to water for a great Thanksgiving dinner? Are you anxious for a succulent turkey, seasoned dressing, cranberry sauce, and all of the extras? Well you're not alone, that's for sure! But when I think of Thanksgiving, I also think of all of the great desserts that my grandmother, mother and aunts made holiday after holiday, from the lemon meringue and pumpkin pies, to the great cakes and cookies. If this is your year to prepare dinner for your family and you don't know what to make for dessert then you're in luck because I have provided you with some great Thanksgiving dessert recipe websites to make sure your family will BE quiet enough to hear a pin drop after falling asleep from full stomachs.


This website is dedicated to families who love to have fun while they cook! You can make great pies and cakes with the kids and enjoy eating them too! Though I don't have children I got excited about this site because I love any project that resembles arts and crafts. And some of their recipes were right up my alley. For example, their handprint pumpkin pie looks fun and easy to make. According to their recipe, you take one of your pie crusts and cut a hand out of the dough, then bake it and place it on top of your pumpkin pie. It looks fun and the kids will probably enjoy seeing their little hand on their dessert. Of course, they still have what you would call the "ordinary" Thanksgiving dessert, including classic apple pie, chocolate cream pie, pecan pie, and classic banana cream pie, but it seems the fun you get to have by preparing these treats with your family will make them extraordinary.


DianasDesserts.com brings you recipes hailing directly from the recipe book of Diana Woodall. Though the name may not sound familiar to you, her recipes should go down in the history books for originality and quality. For the category of Thanksgiving dessert alone she offers over 50 unique recipes to take home to your family! Some of her mouth-watering recipes include chocolate-pumpkin marble cake, old fashioned festive jelly rolls, autumn pumpkin cheesecake pie, cranberry cheese bars, persimmon latte cotta, and maple crème flan with maple-glazed pears - they all sound delicious. And one fun aspect of her website is that she includes a cute online conversion calculator with each of her recipes to ensure your measurements are precise, as well as a rating scale (1-5) with little cakes as the symbols. Fun stuff!


This should obviously be one of the first places you look for great recipes - but ironically this was not the first place I thought of. I certainly regretted not looking earlier once I reached this information-rich site filled with incredible recipes and even more incredible pictures. My mouth is still watering at the thought of the great Thanksgiving dessert recipes they offered. Some of these tasty recipes include the ultimate caramel apple pie (yum!), bourbon pecan pie, caramelized pear gingerbread with molasses ice cream, apple crisp, and pumpkin gooey butter cake. They also offer some great healthy alternatives including chocolate, cherry and almond bread pudding, deep-dish apple pie, and glazed chocolate-pumpkin Bundt cake.


Epicurious.com offers a great selection of desserts with a French twist. These tasty delicacies come straight from Bon Appétit Magazine, which specializes in great cuisines. The desserts sounded and looked incredible! Want to know what they are? I bet you do! First they offer a tasty bourbon-orange pecan pie with bourbon cream - and did I mention it's made with bourbon? Then they move on to cranberry ribbon apple pie, lattice pie with pears and vanilla brown butter, lemon chiffon pie with glazed cranberries, and ... I can't tell you everything - you have to visit the site to see for yourself!

As the holidays are rapidly approaching, the last thing you should have to think about is the Thanksgiving dessert or side dish you should serve with your big meal. So I hope that I was able to help you with creative ideas to get the ball rolling. That way, once the holiday comes and goes, you'll get to claim the bragging rights for having the best Thanksgiving dessert ever!

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